How about the guy filming shouting bomb like he’s Aldon Smith? Stop trying to make this all about you.

I’ll be honest when the guy first raised his hand I was like there’s no shot he has enough power equally distributed from his upper body to lower body to deliver anything solid.

Well I was wrong! Slapped the fuck out of Macron like he was his cheating lover! I expected Macron’s head to spin around like the Exorcist!

Love the fight from the French President though. Looked like he was going back to get some revenge on the slapper which you have to love seeing as a French citizen when your calling card is typically rolling over and dying.

And Macron definitely came when he was slapped. You don’t have all that power and not do some kinky shit in the bedroom. This is the same guy that had an affair with his wife in high school…who was the teacher.

When she met Macron at the private, Jesuit-run high school where she worked as a literature and drama teacher, Brigitte seemed happily married to banker Andre-Louis Auziere, with whom she was raising their three children. She was one of the most popular teachers at the local high school, inviting her students for cocktails at her home, and encouraging them to call her by her first name, former students told Brun.

“Cool teacher” always means fucked the students. Call me by my first name? Not even the coolest teacher of all time let the students call him by his first name.