I’ve never rooted so hard for something in my life than I did for these Lamborghinis to wreck. This was me as I was watching the cars pick up speed down the stretch.

Could you ask for a more perfect scenario? What a storybook ending that not only was there a crash but the only cars involved in the crash were the Lambos.

This should go without saying, but you are the biggest asshole in the world if you shut down traffic. Especially if you shut down traffic at that stretch where 76 becomes 676 you should get the death penalty. That strip is a wasteland of traffic. It doesn’t matter if it’s 6am or 6pm there is always stop and go at that exact spot. If you’re heading down the shore from Montgomery or Bucks County this part has to be the seventh level of Hell. All you want to do is get down the shore and sit on the deck with a beer in your hand after a long day at work. You just need to get over the Ben, clear that shitty section before you make the biggest decision of the trip – stay on 42 or take 55 the rest of the way? Marriages have been ruined over this decision because if you make the wrong choice you could add another hour of traffic to the drive. So forgive me for rooting for these assholes to hit a median.

And then when you finally get to the bridge some rapper shuts that down to film a fucking music video?

Serious question: If someone pulled a gun from their glovebox and just started spraying do they get convicted of murder? I think the guy gets off. Because there was definitely someone on that bridge re-creating the scene of Dennis driving to the city everyday.