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Now onto the picks for today!

We’re sharks. Not like Great White’s, but like those cool sharks that don’t murder innocent people. You know, like Whale Sharks, the one’s that have a mouth like your old ass grandfather when he takes his dentures out. That doesn’t mean we bring you picks that we don’t believe in. Instead of analysis, this is all based on gut instinct and homerism. Just the way gambling was intended.

whale shark

After everyday standings will be held on which one of us is making or losing you the most money.

Standings as of 9/8:

Gary: 19-16-1

Kyle: 18-24

PJ: 27-23

Nonetheless here are the picks for today September 9th, 2020

Gary: Travis Kelce Over 5.5 Catches

Kyle: Texans +9.5

I’m fading the public all season. I am the public and I’ve never had a winning season before so it just makes sense I fade myself and join the sharps. 73% of the money is on the Chiefs.

27% of us are going to be buying Deshaun Watson jerseys when he starts his MVP campaign tonight.

PJ: Chiefs/Texans Over 53.5

Editors Note (Kyle): This is such a sucker bet. If you take this bet than you’re a sucker too. This is the same kid who needs life advice on how not to do dumb shit while blacked out. He threw $250 on the Flyers. Don’t follow this man. Run from this man.