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Truth be told I’m a huge pussy. BUT I’ve wanted to storm chase ever since we started talking to Aaron Jayjack Extreme Weather Storm Chaser on the pod. Imagine putting your life in danger every single day! You live every day on the edge! I need to know what that thrill is like. So that’s why when this Corona mess is figured out Aaron invited us to storm chase with him. Unless there is a podcast host with Elephantitus in the ballsack I can’t imagine anyone has bigger nuts in the Podcast industry than we do. If we’re lucky PJ get’s sucked up in a tornado and we catch it all on film. Or maybe we’ll have a Beirut scenario and a tornado will ravage through a “fireworks” factory and we’ll get it on film.


If fireworks causes a nuclear bomb type mushroom cloud (on the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima no less) than I gotta get my hands on some Lebanese hoosker do’s and hoosker dont’s.



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Gary, Kyle, and PJ talk to extreme storm chaser Aaron Jayjack (@aaronjayjack) about his favorite stories from chasing storms, what gets his blood flowing, how he chases in a Subaru, and he invites us to go storm chasing sometime. (15:2037:20). TikTok is cancelled…for now, TJ Warren is the Sixers daddy, and we try to find out how shipping and handling works on buying ghosts from eBay. (00:0015:20) We play Sporcle with state capitals where we find out Boston is in fact a capital. (37:2045:55) Corona has officially gone to far infecting Doug Pederson, the Flyers are Cup favorites, and how long would you wait for fast food. (45:551:02:51) Finally we finish with Life Advice for PJ about meeting parents for the first time. (1:02:511:09:16)