I mean that’s as fucked up of a sucker punch as you can get. Dallas Goedert looks like he was handling the situation as well as you could and then some dude lays a haymaker to the face like some spineless fuck. I would say I hope there is a hit out for this guy in South Dakota, but it seems like it was a group from Florida on a trip to South Dakota. I don’t know who the fuck goes on vacation to South Dakota, but I guess it’s rat fucks like this guy who go around sucker punching people.



That was absolutely terrifying and the rumors of Dallas having to be airlifted to a hospital in Sioux Falls don’t exactly seem far fetched after seeing the video. That’s a 6’5 guy falling to Earth with all his momentum and nothing to catch him. His head bounced off the ground like a basketball. And then some fat fuck fell on top of him as his brain was already leaking out of his ear? Dallas Goedert might be the toughest dude in the NFL. But we already knew that.



I can’t wait until this dude who sucker punched Goedert gets arrested and gets the Epstein treatment from some Eagles fans on the inside. This guy should have to be extradited to Philly and put in stocks in the middle of D Lot at the Linc before a MNF game against the Cowboys and let the good people of Delaware Valley decide justice.


Hey Chao, fuck you dude. Maybe sit this injury analysis out doc.