I flew Spirit Airlines one time and I’ll never do that again. Imagine flying in an empty can of baked beans and sitting on one of those medieval torture spike chairs.




That’s what a Spirit Airlines flight felt like. And my flight was one of the more successful ones. We got in early both ways, the pilot was so miserable there was minimum jokes, and I didn’t have any banshees running up and down the aisles.



This is how every flight from Philadelphia should start from now on. I don’t care if you’re a poor airline like Spirit or Frontier or you’re Qatar Airways or Emirates and my seat comes with my own gold doubloon. Start every flight with Dreams & Nightmares for safety alone. Who’s hijacking a flight after they see a bunch of people going nuts to Dreams & Nightmares? You could be Al-Qaeda and lay out a perfect 12 month terrorism plan, but if you’re sitting in 11F and see these people going nuts to Meek you better text whoever the leader of Al-Qaeda is nowadays because today’s not the day for a hijacking. Take that shit to Europe where you can get away with it not a domestic flight out of Philly.

I mean the fucking flight attendant had zero control over this plane! At one point he tried to quiet them down like he was teaching a bunch of 1st graders. Shut the hell up and get me some of those Biscoff cookies air waiter!


Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 12.46.54 PM


You think your precious seatbelt sign is going to stop this lady from getting her freak on to Meek Mill? She hasn’t popped pussy in three months.


Screen Shot 2020-06-20 at 12.46.45 PM


I honestly think Dreams & Nightmares can defeat anything. Dreams & Nightmares is like the Seal Team 6 is rap. Look at the list of terror groups it’s already taken down.  The Patriots, Vikings, Falcons, the prison system, and now it’s going to defeat terrorism & corona next.