That looks a little familiar.



Crying after the season ended because he really loves baseball. Phillies fans are going to eat that shit up.



I mean Mick Abel and this guy are already going to be cornerstone franchise guys and get us a couple World Series, and now Casey Martin is going to take all of our women with the voice of an angel.



Fuck guys that can play guitar and sing. I’m so jealous of those guys. There was always a guy on the Ocean City boardwalk who had a guitar. Didn’t even know if he could sing. Never heard of sing. But he had a guitar and chicks loved him. It was like fishing with dynamite.Β  Casey Martin’s going to be crushing some “Play It Again” in Rittenhouse Square in 2024.




Also, could be a duet in spring training next season with Bryce. Bryce definitely plays drums. He looks like that drumming Muppet for a reason.