That fox has some breakaway speed right there. Randy the Plumber, former guest and dignitary on The Wooderboys Podcast (subscribe, rate, review), broke it down better than anyone could’ve. Hearing that “OH SHIT!” live through a Skype call will make your heart flutter. I love when he brought up NBC and the peacocks flying through the racetrack. Peacocks would get slaughtered on a racetrack. If ABC picks up the races I need a guy in a Mickey costume at Daytona playing chicken with a bunch of cars going 200mph. Imagine if the Oxygen channel picked up racing and they threw some old lady out there in a wheelchair and an oxygen tank on the back and she had to wheel her way up the track to safety and through the fence before the cars came around again. Or if they had the races on TNT and NASCAR planted mines all over the track and the drivers had to dodge them going 200mph. Try to tell me you wouldn’t watch that. I think I just fixed NASCAR.

Btw – Does NASCAR have a Fox problem? Is FOX trying to drum up ratings hoping a fox get’s massacred live on air? This is now the second time in less than a month a fox has gotten loose on a track.