16 years Ago today a Philly born Horse by the name of Smarty Jones took the world by storm.

But you need to take it back to a few weeks previous when Smarty burst onto the Scene to win the Kentucky Derby as a 4 to 1 favorite


People forget Smarty Jones broke his face and many doubted he would live, let alone race but he made his return AND won the Kentucky Derby.

On this day, May 15th, 2004 the Smarty Party went to a new level. It had been years since we had a triple crown winner in horse racing. (Affirmed 1978)

The Preakness is the same length as the Kentucky Derby. With the Smarty Party coming in undefeated the horse racing world was ready for fireworks and hope that we may finally see a triple crown winner.


Jones did not only win the Preakness but he won by 12 lengths! Just insane.

Now comes the hardest win of them all the Belmont. Longer than all the other races. A mile and a half monster stood between the Smarty Party and history.



FUCKING BIRDSTONE???? Yup that’s right Smarty did not win the triple Crown he lost in the last race of the trio.

Jones was heartwarming, determined, and above all a fucking choke artist.

Yeah that’s right I said it the Smarty Party? More like the Farty Party. Guy straight up shriveled in the biggest moment possible and to lost to a horse named Birdstone? Get the fuck out of here.

Smarty Jones had a chance to replace Rocky as Philly’s favorite athlete and he blew it.¬† And now he is just living on a farm banging all the hot broodmares. Getting paid for it too.

So to that, I say Good for you Smarty. Fake it till you make it. You are just another Philly athlete that choked away when the city needed you most.