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I mean it kinda looks like a bunch of Italian meats sliced up around a tibia. You have your sopressata, your gabagool, your ham, some prosciutto, and salami to spice it all up. I’ve learned more from looking at this picture then I did all throughout science class in high school. I feel like if we got to open up more humans a lot of us would be paying more attention in class.

I haven’t watched the Project11 E:60 yet about Alex Smith’s road to recovery, but I feel like it’s already creeping to must watch territory. The funny thing is I remember getting the alert of him going into surgery for an infection on his leg and brushing it off. I just assumed he’d get through the surgery and be back by next season thanks to modern medicine. It’s funny the way we look at athletes. We assume they will be back to 100% in no time. Not fully realizing there’s a whole human element to this and death was knocking at one point or at least there was a good chance his leg was going to be amputated. Here’s a picture of the bacteria infection, which goes toe to toe with the Thanksgiving carved turkey leg up top in terms of squeam.


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It looked like a Rohrschach ink blot test that the psychiatrist asks you to think of the first word that comes to mind. Mine? It’s Death. That looks like Death is right around the corner. It shouldn’t look like there are a bunch of leeches on your leg. It doesn’t help that this is what Alex Smith’s leg looked like post surgery.


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It looks like he has two ankles now. They had to take skin grafts from his thigh – his thigh. It’s never good when you have to take other skin from your body and put it somewhere else because you don’t have enough.